Razan Alazzouni in Qatar – TIP Interview & Collection preview S\S14

Let’s discover the universe of Razan Alazzouni. This up-and coming saoudi designer is seeing big and she’s right! After being endorsed by Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italia, she is a power to reckon in the Middle-Eastern fashion industry.

RA vogue.

With this new Summer\Spring ’14 collection, we can witness some authentic craft, such as embroideries, crochet, subtle beading and many more…

RA 17

We met the designer herself at her trunk show being held at The Closet, the Pearl Doha.
The InsiderPost.com has brought you some exclusive pictures of the events.


Here’s the excerpt of our chitchat with Razan Alazzouni.

“This collection was conceive around the notion of DREAM.

I gathered my team and every one shared on a mood board their own definition of a dream.

Words, ideas and even sketches were thrown in, and after a month I started regrouping these informations in order to figure out as precisely as possible what defines a dream.

Then I started brainstorming about how would I transcribe these words and ideas into clothing pieces.

Fabrics, technique, lengths, colors…everything was taken into consideration for this line.

We narrowed it three symbols which would represent the dream in all our clothes:

– The dream map with pearls and embroideries in various sizes.

– The dream catcher with round crochet, a new addition to Razan’s skills.

– And the braided and woven golden threads.

You will find one or several of these recurring patterns in all of my clothing.
Statement pieces such as evening gowns may gather them all.

Some skirts, mid-length dresses, top and gowns were altered in length or inner lining on see-through fabric to fit Qatari tradition and taste.”

This collection remains youthful yet very elegant.

RA 14

RA 23

RA black

RA longue

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