EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Stephane Rolland in Qatar, the most ‘khaleeji’ of French designers.

Stéphane Rolland feels at home in Qatar. He welcomed us, wearing the traditional Qatari dress, and his popularity keeps on growing amongst middle easterns. Proof to his success, the french designer opened his first luxury boutique at the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi.

For his Haute Couture line, he draws his inspiration from architecture, contrast and balance. We met with the designer to get to know more about him and what drives him. Excerpts.


What is your association with VCU Qatar?

There is no association with VCU Qatar. I came on my own after being asked by VCU Qatar through Aisha Al Suwaidi (ndlr: a graduated student of VCU).
And there is nothing professional in it beside the fact that I love this country a lot as much as I love the Middle East.
Seeing these youngsters expressing themselves, it really warms my heart.

I love seeing new generations succeed and if I can help, I would do it with pleasure.
I really feel like we need to give. That’s how life is and that is how we need to do it.


How do you see fashion in the Middle East?

A majority of the countries in the Middle East has the advantage of being a little bit saved from the crisis comparing to Europe and other countries.
They take advantage of it by expressing themselves more freely and they are right as we Europeans need them as well.
It’s evolving enormously.
We know the Middle Eastern fashion ultimately from the Lebanese designers.
Today there is a new generation of oriental designers who come forward with a new way of expression more real and authentic. What I am trying to say is: less glitter more modernity.
I like it a lot and I think it is a good sign.

What is the process when you dress a crowned head or an artist for example?

It is the same method for all my clients.

My role is to listen to women in all circumstances, to understand who they are so I can respond to their needs. It is the same thing I do all the time. I sit, talk so I can get to know her better, and then I design in front of her. That’s how you get the best result, by understanding who you have in front of you.
The occasion needs to be taken into consideration, if the actor or the singer is going to perform or not.
We need to realize that the responsibilities are important. We need to help them show their best image possible.

What are the projects of La Maison Stephane Rolland?

They are a lot. First, the development of the ready-to-wear fashion and of the Haute-Couture is going very well. But we need to open new departments. We are in the process of designing a perfume. New stores are also going to be launched, a lot of things to organize and to set up.

Finally, what TIP or advice could you give to our readers when choosing an evening dress?

The choice of an evening dress is always important according to the occasion. If you are going to be the center of attention or not, there are responsibilities to take into consideration. Always choose a good quality material.
You know, the most important is to know yourself and to be honest with yourself. It allows you to better put your best upfront.

Thank you Stéphane Rolland! Exclusively for TheInsiderPost.com.




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