Dolce&Gabbana are launching their first abaya and hijab collection


Dolce & Gabbana are launching a new abaya and hijab line and it is a first amongst high-end luxury brands.

Some other big names such as DKNY or Net-a-Porter for instance have already included a Ramadan special collection, but this line is a trend-setter in traditional islamic garments for women by a luxury European maison.


The Italian duo have introduced their first presentation in what is
commonly called “modest fashion” or under the name of “modest clothing”, a foray into a un-tapped market until now.



This new trend first cater to
religious people, be it muslims, christians or jews, who are looking
for conservative clothes in a fashionable style.

But also to all women regardless of their beliefs who want to dress in a covered way i.e long skirts, or long-sleeved shirts for instance…




For this particular line, we can still find the signature of the
Italian brand such as daisies, lace and embroideries with a palette of
black greys and nude…


The target here is clearly Middle Eastern women who spends a lot in
abayas and accessories, as mentioned by the designers as quoted below
Stefano Gabbana:

“Our customers in the Middle-East are very important to us. We want to
offer them the very best, some of them even became close friends”


Indeed, this ever-expanding market is surely to be considered
seriously by other brands as analysts and trade economists are in sync
with the future growth of this new branch of fashion with a prediction
of 500 billions dollars worldwide in 2019.

The D&G collection will be available for sale in the UAE.
Here are some pictures courtesy Style Arabia.








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