Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference ARC ’13 24-25 November 2013 – QNCC, Doha.

IMG_0123 was invited to the prestigious Annual Research Conference ’13 gathering brilliant minds, students and searchers, doctors and professors in several fields, and Nobel Laureates amongst other…in order to brainstorm about selected issues.

We arrive at the Qatar National Convention Center, first stop at the registration desk to collect our accreditation, next security and heading towards the opening plenary with an inspiring introduction by Sheikha Mozah, chairperson of Qatar Foundation.


We learn that under this program, annual amounts are set aside for priority areas already identified: enhancing the research and the experimentation of these areas.


This year, conferences will be divided into four topics which will be debated simultaneously in four separate locations within QNCC :

 -Energy and Environment

-Computing and Information technology


-Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

As much as I would have liked to attend to all conferences, physically it was just impossible and I had to choose a topic and stick to it for the rest of the event….And the winner is…Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (no surprises I guess)

ARC 13 Social
ARC 13 Social

During this two-day event, the topic above will be the framework for addressing issues such as:

– the balanced participation of women and men in decision-making.

– challenges and opportunities for social sciences in Gulf region.

– how to motivate the younger generation in considering and engaging in a specific career, science for instance, in order to build a knowledged society.

– Maintaining authenticity, language and culture through these changes.

The conference concluded with a summary of the principals ideas and an award ceremony during the closing dinner.


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