Selina Farooqui’s Showcase S\S ’14 collection + Interview

Few days ago, was introduced to a talented and fresh designer, Selina Farooqui, 26 years old, at the W hotel in Doha. One thing, we do love featuring on, is local talent and upcoming designers showcasing their work…Impressive, as she is still enrolled at the Virginia Commonwealth University here in Qatar.

SF po

Dresses, jumpsuits and boleros amongst other were displayed in a nuanced palette of colors, such as lavender, coral, mint green, black and white.

Selina Farooqui’s collection S\S ’14 echoed her fine art roots, featuring aerial and deeply feminine silhouettes with a twist.

Combining delicate silks with subtle beading and gracefully cut, the collection remained elegant with a playful edge.

We met the  designer for a little chat, here’s an excerpt of the interview:


Could you describe your universe?

First of all this collection was inspired by indian jewelry. You’ll see a lot of embroideries around the neckline. Keeping in mind the whole concept of highlighting your face and bringing attention there. It’s all hand-made embroidery in India. There is glass-crystal, beads, metal wire it’s a very ancient technique using metal wire, like here for example.

I’ve used techniques that are traditionally indian and also in a modern aesthetic and something that’s more international so that the way I have applied them on dresses, something that takes indian inspiration and makes it for everybody.

That’s kind of my world, full of colors and shiny things with lots of details, that’s very important for me, the inside of the garnements, how they are finished, it should all be clean and everything. The Volumes are what I’ve always been doing for three years now, that’s very flowy and feminine. I think that it’s more attractive, because you can choose to highlight your waist if you want with a belt, or you can leave it open. It’s flexible for different kind of women as well. It’s more romantic, nicer and beautiful.


 What about your clientele?

It’s mixed, I have been selling in Doha for three years now, for one year in Dubai. This collection will be available in Saudi Arabia as well. It’s popular in the Middle-East, I have built my base here but I am also looking at international market and one day, when I am ready to, why not expend a little more to Europe or America.

Is there a personal trait in your designs, like a recurring pattern, a signature?

Yes, I have been doing this since I started. You can spot my logo design in the embroideries, or in the collar shape for instance. It’s a bit indian mixed with arabesque. its applied in different ways in my clothes. I also like power shoulders they make a strong statement.

SF lo

SF Sho

What’s your plan, tell us a bit more…

I have two collections a year, this is kind of a higher-end line, everything is hand made as I mentioned. So I want to do, in the future, a line hat’s in the middle, something that is maybe not so heavily embroidered and more casual people can mix and match…Jackets, pants, trousers, a bridge line. You have the Selina Farooqui’s here which is the evening wear and also do something more casual. For now it’s clothing but I also want to try jewelry and accessories as well.

SF deSF cu

SF 02Thank you Selina! Check her website

Some pictures of the Lookbook.

SF Dress&Mint

SF Purple&Black

SF Mint&Peach


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